Tattoo obsession





Well i guess every blogger-wanna-be has this topic on their hands so its only natural i had to stumble over it sooner or later. Even though so much has been said, there is still so much to say (read so many cool pics to share ). 

So, i’ve been obsessing  over getting an ink for a while now.  The places i wanted to get it on changed throughout the years with the changeable fashion. I seriously need to stop and get one now, since luving the place i want to do it on now – quite predictably it’s wrist or finger. You just have to balance on the edge – so much great inspiration, it’s hard to not become tacky and cheesy with all those sweet words and birds and phrases.

It’s finally decided, i am getting one next time i’m in Milan ( which is quite soon). I even got what i want to do in mind ( which is really hard, u’d know what i mean if u knew me). Let’s see how it turns out…




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