Road trippin to Key West


Having a phrase from one of my favourite movies ‘Highway’ (starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Jared Leto) in mind : ‘You’re not doing it right, you should be doing it in a convertible’ , we did this road trip just right – rented a Ford Mustang (well together with Chevrolet Camaro they turn out to be the most popular in Miami) and listened to Thrift Shop all the way.

Key West is the southmost tip of continental US. The road itself from Miami taking you over the ocean is breathtaking. Don’t miss the Anna’s beach which is right before the ‘7 miles’ bridge and basically the must stop place for a swim. The colour of the water is impossible to describe – it is so blue and radiant.

Once arrived to the island we instantly fell in luv with it with all its bars playing live rock music, nice people in the streets, street artists, amazing sunset on the peer and general atmosphere of freedom.

Dreaming of coming back some time soon, left my heart there

IMG_3619 IMG_3614 IMG_3613 IMG_3612 IMG_3551 IMG_3586 IMG_3593 IMG_3597 IMG_3605 IMG_3581

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