Cheese paradise – Murray’s Cheese Bar


Being such a foodie (ok, I picked this word up from Rachel from Suits – whatever, I love her, I luv the word) and well I have to also confess, being such a cheese maniac, we reached the peak of happiness when stumbled upon this little place while walking around NYC and exploring Meatpacking and Soho.

This is a true paradise for all those of us going crazy for cheese and all connected to it, covered and topped with it, stuffed with it and whatever else-is-possible-to-do-with-it. I mean, damn, I did live in Italy for a year and I have travelled around France but I’ve never met such a carefully selected cheese menu. We just went with a flow and let our waiter bring a set of 8 cheeses. And fried oysters. And a bottle of Rose. And we also tried a chocolate fondue when we came here on our way back home ( I mean we seriously came around 30 minutes before the opening and spent this time siting on a bench near – have you ever waited for a restaurant to open in your life?).

All the cheese comes with a special little something – honey, olive, spicy carrot etc. And they actually tell you where this cheese comes from and what is it so famous for. I really hope you do listen to the guy – ‘cos i didn’t, my brain couldn’t function right when there was this food on the table.

Turns out, I have been missing out on a lot – never went to a special cheese place before. Murray’s Cheese Bar  has become my go-to place while I’m in NYC.

What about other cities – what’s the best cheese place in your city? I know Moscow is lacking one.



P.S. oh, and they have an amazing blog with all the recopies here and they also provide some classes!

264 Bleecker St  New York, NY 10014, US
+1 646-476-8882

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