new in – brought from Milan

Last weekend i spend at my friend’s place in Milan (have this annoying habit of crashing at her house every once in a while, really hope her husband doesn’t mind). After 13 degrees below zero it was nice to switch for the same amount of degrees but above zero for couple of days. Spring has taken over here. Quite a frequent visitor, for the first time in past two years i actually had to enjoy the city in normal, not running, pace.

Finally got to see the Last Supper and revisited Pinacoteca di Brera, set in the sun on the Duomo square and just did nothing but for reading a book, sipping spritz later in Brera quarter, worrying only about being back home in time for dinner prepared by my lovely Viks. Perfect getaway for the weekend, only regret – not having seen my lovely French girl.

P.S. yes, i couldn’t skip the shopping completely, regardless how much i tried. Below – some of the treasures i brought back home with me.

IMG_3439 IMG_3434 IMG_3437

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