2012 at glance


Finally the Great New Year excitement is over and i could get down to immersing into this year’s memories one last time. Too late you say and i should’ve done it earlier? Whatever, i feel like i need to do it now. It had good things, it had bad things, but it is definitely worth celebrating before letting it go. So, here are my brightest moments of the year at glance, stored in calendar order. ( I confess, got a few spare minutes for writing while waiting for my plane in Vienna airport.)

January – New Year- Phuket, Thailand

Though left my heart at Bali several years ago, started 2012 in Phuket, Thailand – such an amazing island as well and definitely one of the most comfortable and effortless ones. Not the first time, not the last one. Embrace the good vibes and learn to appreciate the life. Getting massages every single day and changing the clubs every hour in the evening – such cool DJs they have over there.

IMG_1278 IMG_1391

January – later on – Mayrhofen, Austria

Happiest part of the year – two weeks in the mountains. I always go snowboarding with my bff Anna – but last year she became a big boss ( yo, proud) and couldn’t go. So i decided to go on my own as you can’t go with just anybody – you need somebody always in the same mood and with the same riding habit. After all this two weeks are about waking up early, snowboarding non-stop all day long, getting to know amazing people who teach you new tricks, hitting the bar later for hot wine and listening to good live music in the evenings. Fell in love with Austrian Tirol and going to Mayrhofen this year again (yeah, only 3 days left). Best days of my life, seriously. Something about the falling down snow, snowboarding while listening to Guano Apes, Nickelback or Buckcherry is driving me crazy and making absolutely happy.

IMG_1718 IMG_1723

February – Milano, Italy

Quoting Hotel California : “You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave“. I may not be living in Milano any more but i keep coming back again and again. I just couldn’t leave my friends there – spent an amazing weekend there with my mum and one more week among friends. Visited all the memorable places and ate in all the favourite bars and restaurants. Got to c my favourite homies,  Viks and Camille, reunited with 3/4 of hour Bocconi Class Russian girls team and stopped by the University to finally make THE one photo after all these years. IMG_1757 IMG_1794 IMG_1810IMG_1824IMG_1828

March – changing  job

One of the biggest events in my life this year – by a pure accident i found a job a absolutely luv in a company i adore – amazingly talented and young free spirited people. This justifies all year alone, seriously.

All winter – Kvartira 44, Moscow

One of the happiest memories of the winter – Thursdays at Kvartira 44 with my babe, Yana, for a weekly dose of live piano. The piano man played everything from Spinning around the sun to Lemon tree and always finished with Highway to hell. Singing out loud you favourite lyrics gives such a boost of energy!


May –  Sharm-el-sheikh, Egypt

Later on we travel to Egypt for a week with an old school friend – Sveta. Chilling out on the beach, attending all the dancing classes possible and watching horse riding classes in the evenings while sipping a cocktail… Good times! IMG_1916

June – Cannes, France

One of the best weeks of the year – a non stop adventure and learning process. When your day is scheduled by every minute – so many talented and inspiring speakers to listen to, so many workshops to attend. Not to forget to catch some sunlight on the beach and listen to the latest gossip in Ritz bar in the evening. The air is filled with talent and creativity – all you need is to absorb in quickly and get on the same wave with the crowd.

IMG_2047 IMG_2130

July – Milano, Italy. Graduation

Such a long awaited  event – and here i finally am, the Graduate. Though didn’t have time to celebrate it properly, enjoyed the smiles on my way to the airport as jumped in the taxi right after the ceremony, still dressed in toga. Found myself smiling silly at the check in in the airport. Still holding my purse in one hand and Diploma in another. Travel light.


September – Milano, Italy. 

And here i am again – less then a month and i’m Milano.


September – Fashion Night Out, Moscow

Spent this night with my georgian beauty – Lika. Absolutely adore here -we spent the night laughing and wondering around the streets and shops, bumping into fashion victims, taking photos and drinking as much champagne as we could. Basically, we did everything this night is supposed to be about. So much good memories.

IMG_2981 IMG_2940

December – Riga, Latvia. Muse concert

Planned this weekend for ages and it finally came – two days in Riga for the Muse concert. Imagine being in a christall ball (the one you can shake and see snowflakes flying inside, usually with a magic castle in the middle) – that’s an impression of Riga we had. Such a small and beautiful european city. The weather was quite chilly, so most of the trip instead of wandering around the streets as we’d prefer to, we spent inside – eating, playing pool or just watching the snowflakes fall heavily.

The concert blew our mind. And i mean it when i say it – i saw Muse 5 times ( oh well, we can all be excused for one little obsession) and believe this time they overcame the expected. Each and every song was living its own life with an insane visual, broadcasting everywhere – below the stage, above the stage – and on this huge construction taking for of any possible figure – a pyramid, turned upside down pyramid etc. Needless to mention as always impeccable voices ( yes, Chris started singing, for real) and sound.


Couldn’t leave out my team – only a couple of the beautiful girls captured here though. Promise to make a post on my work.


So, that’s it. It’s already 2013 and i can feel it’s going to be rich for great events and thus posts to share with you.


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