FNO – Moscow/ Part 1

Moscow FNO was promising to be a very interesting event – Vera Wang fashion show dedicated to the opening of the boutique, Natalia Vodyanova appearance and other countless little tricks like famous DJs and gifts to lure all sort of people to the Moscow fashion centre – malls as TZUM, GUM, TZVETNOY and Stoleshnikov pereulok. We were among the trendy zombie crowd to follow the signs and actually kind of luved it.) Ok, who am i kidding – when champagne/rose is part of the deal you don’t hesitate). The rout was the same for everyone – start in TZUM looking around to spot some celebrities, check out the new Jo Malone Blackberry fragrance ( where i couldn’t not have met one of my friends who had been telling us about it ages ago)) and taste some macaroons while buying the Vogue Night Out pullover or listening to the Dj (no, not dancing yet, just wait a little bit longer). Then you would sneak out to  GUM to spot the one celebrity there – Natalia Vodyanova. Then walk through the Stoleshnikov pereulok stopping at almost every boutique there – Louboutin, Agent Provocateur for rose and just another glimpse of admiration with a bit longer stop at Luis Vuitton – mmm there’s a party going on there! We tried on different accessories, chatted and made an improvised fotosession.

And finally – off to TZVETNOY to have real fun as this place became the centre of concentration of  people tired of pretending to wanna shop when all actually everyone cared that night about was dancing and mixing with other fashionistas.  Oh you could see lot’s of that there. We danced, laughed and chatted and took pictures. It was a great evening that one and thank you, Lika, for being with me – more time together to come, we’ve been in different countries for way too long ;P

P.S.  I came home warn out completely after a whole day of wearing heels – only to have a huge pile of pancakes waiting for me and a glass of milk. Could there be a better end to this day?? Thank you, my friend!


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