souvenirs from the childhood

Remember those lollipops from our  childhood? Well, i do remember and still love them for their incredibly intense colours and ultimately sweet taste.  That’s why walking around the local market today i just had to buy five of them – all different colours.  Sometimes i am trying to describe the type of colour – bright, radiant but transparent –  i am looking for and only these little reminders of the past come to my mind. Inspired by them i dug up this fluffy baby-doll dress from the closet and took you  for a quick tour around my garden which is absolutely beautiful this time of the year. Oh and i confess, i stole my little bro’s skate board to add some colours here . I mean he did steal it from me after all…))

P.S. What do you think of my new hair?

wearing black dress by Jane Norman, shoes Kurt Geiger


4 thoughts on “souvenirs from the childhood

  1. сама как конфетка) цвет волос очень нравится, ты стала еще ярче!

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