‘ Those were the best days of my life ‘ # 1

Going through the pictures on your computer is such a time consuming thing, leaving you always in a melancholic mood. All those memories, moments, happy times, experience you had, facies of people you met once or walk through this life shoulder by shoulder for ages. I always remember the music we were listening to in that particular moment or the state of mind were in while taking the picture.

This series of pictures ( i know i’ve been posting them everywhere but it’s one of my all time favourites) reflects the happy times we had last summer while interning at Troika Dialog – one of the largest Russian investment companies. All the amazing inspiring people we had the possibility to learn from and all the effort the company puts into its employees made us fall in love with it. And i never thought i would find such a team there – it seems that five of us spent every single moment of that summer together. Breakfasts, working ours, lunch time, tea time, huge email history in-between, meeting after work, Wednesday drinks, Tuesday karaoke, friday parties, mind blowing  annual summer  Pirates of the Caribbean  Party ( that explains our looks on the last pictures). All those market and stocks discussing even while drunk.

I’m just luving the fact that we are still such a team together ( i know you will laugh at my caramel-vanill description of our twisted relations)).  


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