4 ways to brighten up your morning in Moscow

There is something inspiring about morning activities – either you read a book before going to work, make pancakes or go wake boarding. Ok, maybe the third one ( or the first one, definitely not the cooking part) is more like me, but that is not the point. I just love doing stuff in the early morning – i am always the one to be sneaking out of an apartment at 9 a.m. while everybody is still hangover and unconscious.

The thing is – Moscow gives you a wide range of morning activities available during summer. So here are my favourite ones:

1) Open – air swimming pool ( Чайка )

What wakes you up better than a cold shower? A dive in a slightly cool swimming pool) The weather is perfect and being lazy on the wooden benches around the pool fills u up with calm energy for the rest of the day. Plus u just feel ur body getting more tanned and skinny, isn’t this the point of the whole summer? ( a hint : u don’t have to wear that ridiculous hat in the left swimming pool).

2) Wake-boarding/ wake-surfing (вейк-клуб Малибу)

Tried it last year – but fell in love instantly. Just the right portion of sun, activities ( untrained arms hurt really much) and speed. Especially for the lazy ones if u get tired of paddling like me while surfing. All topped up with a cool music coming from the boat and amazing crew always ready to help out or laugh at u if u fall in a funny way – just as i always do. My advice – the guys are ridiculously popular – book way in advance.

3) Breakfast by a lake

By far most favourite meal of the day.  Here you can knock yourself out, the options are numerous: I Love Cake/Volkonsky on Patriarwy Lakes or Schast’e on Chistie Lakes – there you can rent a whole picnic basket with everything u need if u r too lazy to plan.

4) Yoga in a park (Gorky Park)

I have to confess – i usually hate yoga and fell asleep couple of times during it. I am always rushing too much maybe and can’t concentrate on finishing all those endless exercise. But practising it outside in the light of sun and moreover – on the side of the river is a whole new experience and feels right and appropriate. Calm voice of the instructor strangely doesn’t makes me wanna lie down and never stand up but rather calms down and prepares for a long day. Long and now definitely full of impressions day.


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