Northern Capital

After arriving to Moscow I spent only couple of hours on the native territory and headed for Snt. Petersburg – be a witness at my friend’s wedding and celebrate another friend’s birthday. Two days in total but so intensely planned.

The City caught me by surprise and took the breath away. First literally however – landing in a storm weather doesn’t appear to be a very pleasant experience to encounter.

Only one word can describe first impression (which wasn’t blurred in the future) – water EVERYTHERE. Numerous canals plus the pouring rain, warm though. Said that I must confess , being a rather pathetic nostalgic creature, I fell in love with the City – so vast, unnaturally beautiful in terms of architecture and hospitable in terms of people.

Birthday gathering was set in a very charming and homy location – Gosti restaurant with delicious food served (prices half of those moscow’s – noted). Best tomato soup and brownie in the world (may be compared to that of the Hard Rock Hotel Bali Bakery’s maybe. Theoretically).

Next day we got drunk trying all those so different Hot wines at a Christmas Fair on the Nevsky Prospect and ice skating was involved after.

Leaving felt like going away for few days only – my friend moved there and trips to this city will inevitable become something ordinary, thanks it’s only 3,5 hours away from Moscow now.

 Pink knit and dress with golden sequin skirt by Zara, blue sequin dress by Zara, Black lace dress by Seventy , Ankle boots by Dior.



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